People have no idea when all the pests are gone. Discontinuing efforts, no matter how weak the methods may be, before all the pests are gone will only result in temporary relief.

Signs and Treatment Options for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the fastest growing pest problem today. People who lives in houses as well as apartments have trouble eradicating these furniture pests. They thrive in beds but can also be found in couches, chairs and carpeting. Homes with heavy infestations may also find bed bugs in their clothing. Infestations spread quickly because these tiny bugs attach themselves to their host's clothing and end up on buses, in schools and in places of business. It's important for a family to contact their landlord right away if they live in rental housing and an exterminator directly if they own their home.

How to Recognize Bed Bugs

The first sign of bed bugs is often itching. When examined closely, the itching areas are typically skin that was exposed overnight. There may be small red bumps that remain on the skin for several hours after being bitten. Once a person has been bitten by bed bugs, they should carefully examine their bed. Signs of bugs include tiny dark spots or streaks on the sheets. Live adult bugs may be seen hiding in the corners of the bed. Live bugs may be killed with rubbing alcohol but that alone is not enough. Alcohol will only kill on contact so bugs that are well hidden won't be affected.

Treating Bed Bugs

Getting rid of furniture is usually not recommended by pest control professionals. Bed bugs can hide in carpet, in electrical outlets and in floor boards. Families that merely get rid of all of their furniture without having the home professionally treated are likely to experience another infestation. The first thing a family should do when they know they have bed bugs is to wash all of their bedding and clothing. Everything should be dried in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes to kill any bugs that are stuck on them. Clothing and bedding that won't be used immediately should be stored in vacuum sealed bags or kept at another location while the home is treated.

It is possible to get rid of bed bugs permanently but it takes effort. Most people are not able to do it without the help of a bed bug extermination service. Do-it-yourself treatment is time consuming, exhausting and not always effective. Although it isn't cheap to hire a pest control professional to treat a home with bed bugs, doing so will save a family time and energy.